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Are you one of those feeling the need for immediate boiler installation Johnstone at their homes? Your current boiler might not be working properly, or might have worn out with age. Therefore, getting the right Johnstone boiler installation itself is not an easy task. Upon researching, you find different companies offering almost the same services. With us, you are going to feel the difference as we are here to serve you with highly affordable rates and quality boiler installation.

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We are a professional and experienced Gas Safe Registered Boiler Installation team lined up. Ready to install boilers of various brands, types, and sizes, whether you’re thinking of replacing a faulty or unreliable boiler, installing central gas heating for the first time, or upgrading or changing your boiler type.
We specialize in boiler installations and replacements at The Boiler Installation. Please get a new boiler quote online, or have one of our safe gas engineers come out and check your home, providing you with a fixed price estimate for a combi new boiler on the spot. On same-day boiler installation and will provide you with the best guide for your boiler.

What are the Signs for New Boiler Replacement Johnstone?

Changing a boiler or upgrading it to a newer one is a difficult task. Still, when you start thinking about it, you get confused about making the right decision. Also, with so many boiler companies in the market and the increasing competition, overall decision-making becomes tougher. New boiler replacement Johnstone helps you feel warmer and makes your home a better living place.

Different indications lead to boiler replacement or new boiler installation. Before facing any major issue, check out your boiler’s broken parts. If the issue is in the major parts, it is better to change the entire boiler to a new one, instead of replacing it and facing any boiler break-down again. We are right here to make your day with our efficient boiler replacement Johnstone services.

If the currently installed boiler at your home has taken more than 10 years of functioning, it is the right time to change the boiler. The older version needs to be replaced immediately with a new one, and this is where we step in to serve your needs. Considering your entire requirements, we immediately cater to your needs with the right Johnstone boiler installation.

Having your boiler installation Johnstone done with us saves you from much strain, and adds to reducing the overall system costs, resulting in an increased outcome. This helps in saving the entire energy bill, and our efficient boilers help you achieve your budget goals. However, with us, boiler installation or replacement is no more an uphill task. With your trust in us, we assure you of quality work up to your expectations.

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What Types Of Boilers Do We Install?

The Boiler installation uses skilled and experienced heating specialists Johnstone that can install any boiler, including combi, conventional, and system boilers. If you require a different type or model of boiler, they will gladly replace your present boiler. 











The Most In-Demand Boiler Installation Experts in Johnstone

Holding supremacy in the boiler industry, we have been at the top of the list for many years. The reason why our competitors cannot beat our ranking is simple. There is no other boiler company offering quality and affordability at the same time, that we do. Also, with time, we believe in enhancing our work and services according to the changing technology requirements.

In the hard weather conditions at Johnstone, things become a little tougher when you don’t have enough warmth inside your homes. Meanwhile, your taps might be taking a bit longer to supply you with warm water, and the overall heating system inside the house might not be functioning properly. We take all your heating worries away, with our super-fast, same-day service.

Our team checks out all the parts of your boiler that require maintenance and offer you solutions that are quite simple and convenient. Also, we give you the right cost estimate at the start of the process, so you are not amazed or disappointed with the costs at the end. With your approval, we start our work and keep you involved throughout the procedure.

We have no hidden formulas, and this is what makes our work unique. We believe in working with transparency and professionalism. All the Johnstone boiler installation work is carried out in a friendly environment. Indeed, this is the reason our clients return to us and even refer us to others.

Put your faith in our boiler replacement Johnstone service, and we assure you that you will not be disappointed with the end results.

What Identifies Us?


Quality is what we follow throughout our operations. With no compromise over it, there has never been any time when our client has complained us of quality. We feature all the top-quality boiler brands that take trust in our services and endorse us.


So far, we have received an overwhelming response of clients. We take pride in having a large number of clients that trust us and refer our boiler installation Johnstone services to others as well. This helps us in making professional and long-lasting relations with our clients.


There are very few installation and new boiler replacement Johnstone companies that are currently offering the same-day service. As soon as we get your requirements, we make sure to discuss the entire procedure with you and carry it our within the same day of your received request.


All of our team members are highly trained technicians holding a sound technical background and market experience. As an organization, we hold market expertise of more than 10 years and are a well-known name for boiler installation and replacement.

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I really like The Boiler Installation! The service is great and the engineer, went the extra mile to make sure we had a good experience. I highly recommend this company to anyone who needs help with Boiler replacement. Thanks, The Boiler Installation

Jim Doe

If you're looking for a top-notch Boiler Installation Company, The Boiler Installation is worth checking out. Easy to book an Engineer for Installation and Estimates. Plus, the customer service is excellent; an experienced team member will promptly address any questions or problems you have.

Stefanie Willson

I'm thoroughly impressed with The Boiler Installer! The service is excellent- the engineer I worked with was friendly and knowledgeable, and the installation process is impressive. My Boiler is installed and running with ten years Installation warranty. Thank you, Installer!

Martha Stew


Yes, let us know ahead of time, and we’ll make sure the Heating expert arrives prepared to install a thermostat/timer while doing the work.

Our new boiler installations or replacements include the new thermostat and timer prices.

Boiler efficiency depends on the consumption of Gas and Output heat. The older boilers ( non-condensing ) cost more to run than the new efficient ( condensing ) boilers.

If your boiler is a new efficient boiler, and you are servicing it yearly, it is operating efficiently.

Not required, as long as your radiators are in good working order. Of course, if your radiators are old and broken, you should replace them as quickly as possible. Bundling the two jobs will save you time, money, and aggravation because you won’t have to go through draining your system if you decide to replace your radiators later

A magnetic filter keeps metal particles out of the heat exchanger, preventing them from fouling up your system and causing future repair problems. Of course, particles without magnetic qualities will remain unaffected. Thus cleansing your plan as needed is strongly advised.

Yes, as an expert heating Engineer. We always recommend installing a magnetic filter to increase the boiler performance and protect the boiler.

There is no quick solution to fit a new boiler; however, a like-for-like swipe should take 4-6 hours, depending on the work. If you need to move the boiler, it could take two days. It may take 1–2 days to install a new boiler in a location where there has never been one before. If you want to change the sort of boiler you have, plan on spending two to three days on the job. It may take 3-4 days to install a new type of boiler at a new location. Finally, switching your boiler’s fuel type can take up to two days.

Boilers are reliable, have a life span of 10 to 15 years, and can last even longer with servicing and care. The following are some of the boilers factors that can shorten the life of your home, including improper boiler installation or being too big or small for your property.

Plumbers are capable of various duties, but they aren’t always trained to work on gas boilers. Some plumbers are Gas Safe certified, and however, this is not always the case. Each of the plumbers we work with, on the other hand, is Gas Safe registered and fully qualified to install your new boiler to the highest standards.

Every Heating system is different; therefore, before calculating your quotation, we provide FREE on-site surveys to help you make the best option for your new boiler.

It depends on the Installation work type. We’ll let you know whether you’ll be without heat or hot water as part of our comprehensive survey so you can make alternative plans. We always try to keep the installation process as smooth as possible. Depending on the type of installation, you can turn off hot water for at least one day. If you have an electric shower or an immersion heater, you can reduce the amount of time you are without hot water.

Your boiler starts up and generates heat using oil, gas, or electricity. The boiler uses the heat from the fuel source to heat the water. The hot water or steam is circulated throughout your home (through radiators or floor systems) to warm the air.

It’s critical not to try to install a boiler on your own. Why? Installing gas boilers in your house can be incredibly risky, and it may even be illegal in certain areas! Additionally, completing boiler installation work yourself rather than hiring a certified HVAC specialist may violate your manufacturer’s warranty.

When deciding whether to fix, restore, or replace your boiler, you may ask if it’s worth it to fix it in the first place. It is an excellent question that we are frequently asked. Nonetheless, the answer is contingent on several factors, including the cost of repairs, the frequency with which repairs have become necessary, and the age of your boiler. Your local Hour boiler professional can help you choose whether or not fixing your boiler is the best option.

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